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This wonderful region earned the status of the beast beach rest place among Americans long ago, and not in vain. Bahamas are the palms trees bent over the sky-blue sea, white sand, rich underwater fauna and exciting night life. But there are much more to experience and enjoy deeper in Bahamas. For example, only few know about the fame of Bahamian casinos.

Here you can rent the whole beach and make the mind-blowing party. Couples on their honeymoons enjoy the luxuriousness of the cozy hotels. There is much fun for kids too, so this is the right place either for family vacations. For women there are many opportunities to enjoy excellent spa-procedures. If that is still little for you, then you can try eco-tourism and dive into the drawn vessels, snorkeling together with dolphins or fishing the gigantic sea reptiles. Here you can see what the real pirate have left behind and enjoy the hospitality of local people.

The Abaco Islands are the biggest at Bahamas and it is very popular among the yachtsmen. The sailing season here is from spring to autumn. Any imaginable sea activity is possible here.

The most picturesque island on Bahamas is Long-Island, but it is not very popular among the tourists. In vain… the nature and untouched by a human places are wonderful here. The main city of the island is Stella-Maris, which is small but rather contemporary place with many places for diving and fishing expeditions.

All popular touristic places are rather safe, though be attentive while in the streets, for pickpocketing is an often thing here.  

The climate on Bahamas is tropical in the North and subtropical in the South. An average summer temperature is +26...+32 °C. In winter an average temperature is around +18...+22 °C.

Bahamas is one of the richest countries in the region and often called "Caribbean Switzerland"

What every tourist likes about Bahamas is the beauty of the nature, underwater fishing, diving in coral reefs, sailing on the yachts or contemplating unique pink flamingoes and exotic iguanas. Here you can swim with dolphins and feed sharks.

While at Bahamas visit Nassau – here you can see an underwater aquarium, governmental residence, state park, water pump, trade Bay Street, famous Cable Beach, which is the district of fashionable, casinos and astonishing sand beaches. There is also an old Castle that was built in the XVIII century and famous Royal staircase with 66 steps leading up high from where you can have a wonderful view on the bay and the whole city.

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Popural cities in Bahamas