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The small arabic country Yemen is placed in the Middle East in the south-western part of the Arabian Peninsula. Although the country is hot, in the mountains the temperature can fall below - 10C.Yemen has a rich history. The powerful states such as Saba, Ma'in and Hadramaut flourished there. Modern Yemen saved the capitals of these states, their port cities and grand ancient buildings. Yemenis consider themselves to be the ancestors of all other Arabs,the "true Arabs".

The mountain areas of Yemen is a great place for hiking. The most popular are the provinces Mahwah, Hajj, Sumarra Pass in the province of Dhamar and Sabir Mountain close to Taiz. Yemen has the perfect places for beach rest and diving. The most popular beaches are located near Hodeida and near the Red Sea. Kamaran Island - the largest Yemeni island is also a cool place for rest and relax.

Women traveling alone on Yemen may experience some difficulties. To avoid some misunderstandings, travelers on Yemen must adhere dress code, taking into account local traditions and culture. Women may not cover their heads, but legs and shoulders should be closed. Men should not wear shorts. If you take a taxi, a woman should sit on the back seat of the car.

When visiting tourist destinations in Ma'rib, put on closed shoes - the sand in the summer is very hot.

During communication with the local population try to use some Arabic words. The residents of Yemen will appreciate your desire to learn their etiquette, traditions and language.

Those who want to buy Yemeni national carpets, visit shops in the old town at Suq Al Milh. Books in English and Arabic can be bought on the square Tahrir. Craftsmen from the old city of Sana can make you custom good leather sandals .Selecting silver jewelry, remember that most of the products are imported from India. These ornaments have different quality. Traditional Yemeni ornaments are usually more bulky. If you want to bring home beautiful shells, buy them from the fishermen in Bir Ali.

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