Vietnam Information & Trip Planning

Vietnam is a small Southeast Asian country, which has quite sorrowful war-time past. This country became popular with tourists not that long ago. Today Vietnam attracts visitors from all over the world thanks to its warm and humid climate, rich nature, beautiful cities and delicious specialties.

Vietnamese cities

Vietnamese cities are uniquely interesting, each in its own way. Hanoi, the capital, is known for the mix of colonial architecture, modern offices and entertainment centers and eye-catching pagodas or ancient temples. One of the most unusual sightseeing in Hanoi is Ho Chi Minh's Mausoleum made of marble. Hoi An is the city of colored lanterns and trading ports. In Ho Chi Minh City there is a large War Remnants Museum; people also come to this city to visit Ben Thanh Market, where they can buy frogs, food, spices and flowers.

Nature reservations

For those tourists, who want to have a rest away from the busy clatter of the city, Vietnam has lovely parks and recreation places and wildlife refuges.

Cat Tien National Park is the 72.000-hectare reservation with tropical rainforest flora. The fauna of the park is quite rich. It includes the impressive amount of bird species and lots of funny small and middle-sized primates, such as Crab-eating macaques, slow loris, and yellow-cheeked gibbons. Large mammals in this park are represented by Asian black bears, Indochinese tigers, leopards, and Asian elephants. Don't be afraid, large animals do not carry any threat to park visitors. In general, Cat Tien National Park is a quite place, perfect for bird-watching, hiking and enjoying the beauties of nature.

Another Vietnamese wonder of nature is Paradise Cave, a 31-km long cave system. It includes many grots connected with bottleneck passages; the caves are repleted with huge stalactites and stalagmites. Paradise Cave visitors can explore the underground space, swim through the subterrarian river and have a lunch in a grot.

Food in Vietnam

Traditional Vietnamese dishes are exotic and unusual for non-Asians; however, many people, who tasted this food once, become true fans of healthy Vietnamese cuisine. Local food is made of fresh ingredients, mainly meat, fish, rice, vegetables, and fruits. The Vietnamese often use herbs (lemongrass, mint, lime, chili), fish or soy sauces.

Vietnam map

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