Venezuela Information & Trip Planning

Venezuela is an attractive South American country with amazing nature. It has about 40 most beautiful islands in the Caribbean Sea. The largest island - Margarita, is very popular. The highest waterfall in the world - Angel, national parks and reserves, mild climate and clean air attract tourists there. Andes Mountains give excellent opportunities for active sports and hiking.

Sub-equatorial climate makes it possible visiting Venezuela any time. However, it is better to visit this land in Dry season (December-April) as the rains during vacation are not the best opportunity for any tourist.

Venezuela's capital - Caracas is placed near the Andes. The city has many modern buildings and houses of the colonial period. The main interesting places you can see there are located near Caracas Bolivar Plaza. There is the Cathedral there, Sacro de Caracas Museum with objects of religious art, City Hall and many famous chapels.

Avila National Park and the Caribbean Coast beaches are close to Caracas. A walk to the beach will be the best excursion over the city and also a chance to get something from numerous souvenirs shops.

Merida - the students' city is a home to 40 thousand students. Parks and the longest cable road are the famous attractions of Merida. The length of the cable car is 12.6 km, and it rises from the city center to the end at the second highest peak in Venezuela - Espejo (4765 meters).

Paria Peninsula is another popular country attraction. The peninsula is covered by mountains and tropical forests. The tour around Paria can be started in Krupano. Today it is the only city in Venezuela, which hosts a traditional festival. It is also worth visiting the area around El Pilar Mount, SPA resorts and hotels there are luxurious. Here you can take an excursion to a cocoa farm and relax at the hot springs.

Venezuela is the place you should go to if you do not care about visiting too many architectural objects, but adore wild nature. Such a huge number of national parks- over 40- can't be met anywhere. The most popular are Canaima and Sierra Nevada parks.

Venezuelan dishes is a mixture of Indian, European and Latin American cuisines. Maize, beans, bananas, meat and rice are the main food ingredients used in the most unexpected combinations. Basically, all local snacks are wrapped in special "arep" pellets - thin bred which can be also eaten separately.

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