Vanuatu Information & Trip Planning

Vanuatu is a poor country in Oceania. Port Vila looks as a traditional capital with the architecture of a usual modern place. The House of Parliament there was built with the assistance of Chinese aid. Luganville is another large city in Vanuatu. It has got a seaport.

Local nature is fantastically beautiful and unique, so people of Vanuatu call it an "untouched Oceania paradise." The island has no national monuments or parks. All the sights are quite conventional. Clean beaches, blue ocean, amazingly warm waters, coconut trees, ripe fruit are the country’s treasures.

Tourists love Efate Island white beaches. It is an ideal place for travelers who appreciate nature beauties along with comforts of civilization. Espirito Santo is the largest island of Vanuatu. Travelers call the famous beach "White Songs" the most beautiful in the world.

As in any country in Oceania travelers can go diving, windsurfing, fishing and hiking. Even gamblers can rest there as they love - in Port Vila casino.

To travel between the islands you can take...a plane. The cost of a trip varies from $50 to $200 US dollars. To save a little, you can buy a pass for four flights for $ 200.Inside the island you can rent a scooter, use taxi or mini bus. The prices for rent and gasoline are low.

There are no large hotels in Vanuatu. The popular variant to pick is a bungalow with a tiny harbor on the coast. Each room has its own "private" beach, where you can take a break from civilization and enjoy a pleasant idleness.

Vanuatu map

Popural cities in Vanuatu