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Uruguay may be called the "Beach Capital" of South America, where most of the tourists come to rest, but in fact the country has more interesting and unique places to visit. Generally, the holiday in Uruguay starts in its capital - Montevideo. The life style of the place is relaxing, no one hurries anywhere. In addition to the demonstrative style of Art Deco which is seen in many houses of Montevideo, the city has got colonial architecture, as well as Gothic and Baroque style buildings.

Coming to rest in Uruguay, it is better to make a small plan, which will include the main tourist attractions you should definitely visit. For example, to climb the Cerro Montevideo hill and take a picture of a breathtaking view which opens from it, to visit the castle, located here, and the War Museum. Walking through Independence Square and visiting the Estevez palace, trying delicious roast beef or seafood in local restaurants should be also marked in your plan.

Drive a few kilometers from Montevideo, as landscapes will change. Skyscrapers and modern buildings there are replaced with small huts and stone huts, mini cafes and little craft shops. To understand what is Uruguay you should combine a visit to the capital with a visit to the province. However, Uruguay resorts are still thebest attraction of the country. Montevideo Carmelo, Mercedes, Punta del Este, Salto, Rocha, Piriápolis, Costa de Oro, Dayman, Arap.... Here tourists will find all water sports and fishing, yachting, golf, playgrounds andsoccer fields.

The country nature is rich in mineral springs, so that was thermal treatments and massage are popular there. The special tours are organized for those who want to improve their health.

Ecological tours to Uruguay will let you visiting pine and tropical forests, see dunes, caves and waterfalls, palm trees and oranges, picturesque bays of the Atlantic coast. Lobos island ( not far from the country capital), attracts visitors with a huge population of sea lions.

A good start to get acquainted with Uruguay nature will be a visit to local museums. Pablo Neruda Museum, Historical Museum, Museo del Gaucho, the Ethnographic Museum, the Museum of Modern Art are waiting for their guests.In the evening you can visit the conservatory, a planetarium, theaters, the Zoo or take a tour through the streets and listen to the street musicians.

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