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Uganda - the country placed in the Eastern Africa near Kenya and South Sudan is not the place which is so popular with tourists. However this unique place hides the wonders which no one expects to find on the African land.

Lake George, partly Lake Victoria and other large African lakes are placed on this small land. The main river in Uganda is the Nile. The country has a fairly varied terrain, from mountain plateaus to arid plains, from the vast forests to swamps. Rwenzori mountain range with the Mount Margaret (5109 m) is placed in the south-west. Most of the southern region lands are covered by forests, the north is dominated by savannah.

Due to the great number of ethnic groups in Uganda this small territory is informally divided into the territories which differ one from another with their culture, level of life, languages spoken, food and traditions. However, the official Uganda language is English ( Swahili as well) so you should not be concerned if somebody understands you there.

Pearl of Africa this is the name which locals gave to this country. Over 80 tribes live in Uganda! In Kampala ( the capital) and the territories behid it different ethnic groups with absolutely different life have settled. Here you can find the rich people of the Buganda tribe driving luxury Mercedes and dining in exclusive restaurants. Their houses made from rare marble are arranged near Lake Victoria.

But only at the distance of 20-30 kilometers from Kampala and you will see the completely different world, a world where there is no electricity and progress, where the word "wealth" referres to the number of children in a family and not to money. These tribes who prefer cane and clay for the construction of their homes turn away from the brickwork.

Driving another 50 kilometers you will get a strange feeling that you have heard about this tribe - Pygmy. These very small people hide in the forests in the mountains. However, they are always glad to meet white guests.If suddenly, walking along Elgon National Park you will see in the bushes children watching you, do not worry. These are Pygmies . They are excited to see people with skin color resembling them cows milk cows. They are curious to learn why Mzungu (the name for all white people in Uganda) wear so many clothes.

No doubt Uganda will surprise you with many things which you never even heard about, you will try food you never saw in your life and visit the places which could be associated only with the ancient history.

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