Tuvalu Information & Trip Planning

Tuvalu is five atolls with the land area of 26 kilometers. The classic "Bounty" landscape, "flavored" with a huge lagoon Funafuti - this is the picture of this land in Oceania. A marine reserve "Marina", created to preserve rare species of fish and marine plants is placed there.The reserve takes 6 uninhabited islands, so a canoe or a water taxi can take you there.

The capital is Funafuti (3 square kilometers). Vaiaku city has most of the population. There are governmental buildings, banks and schools, even a few three-storey houses in the city.

Uninhabited islands Fualopa, Tepuka, Faufatu are ideal for a beach holiday or scuba diving. Coming to Tuvalu people use motorbikes. Atoll area is tiny, and islanders have cars rarely. The vehicles have no plates, so the owners of cars paint the numbers on metal sheets. To come to Tuvalu you have only one choice - to take a plane in Suva, Fiji capital. Be ready to surprises - the weather changes often, and you can stay on the islands longer.

Tuvalu map

Popural cities in Tuvalu