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A visit to Turkmenistan will tell you about Central Asia cultures and traditions. This land was a part of the Great Silk Road. The country's population cherishes the old culture. The nature has unique landscapes and a variety of natural complexes. Lifeless desert are interspersed with beautiful mountain scenery.

The Southern Turkmenistan neighbours - Afghanistan and Iran share many traditions with his ex-Soviet republic. Kazakhstan and Uzbekistan - the northern neighbours also have many similar things. Although the country is placed near the Caspian Sea, the climate there is very hot and dry. Turkmenistan - a mountainous country. There is a huge salt lake there - Sarykamysh lake. The wildlife - leopard, snow leopard, the Saiga, Argali, pelicans and flamingos and sleeping ancient volcanos add a special color to the landscape of this land. Choose spring and autumn when you plan your tour.

The "City of Love"- Ashgabat is the country capital. At its local market - bazaar you can buy traditional Turkmen carpets. Visit the Metropolitan Museum of Carpet. It is the only one carpet museum in the world. It is also worth visiting the fortress of Anau and the ruins of the city nearby.

"The Door to Hell" is the best known crater of Darvaza. You can admire its beauty at night. This is really an unforgettable sight. "The Door to Hell" is something special. Almost nothing grows on it, but mushrooms do! The gas somehow contributes to the growth of fungi and prevents them from the worms’ invasion.

To vary an extreme traveling with a classic rest choose relax of the Caspian Sea. Clean beaches, warm clear water,green plants and sports will let you spend your holidays the best way.

Turkmen cuisine is close to many Asian cuisines - especially Uzbek and Tajik. Milk and meat are the main products of Turkmen people in a desert. In this country you need to try the mutton. Locals also often use the meat of mountain goats.The real Turkmen cuisine is characterized by dishes made only from meat, without other products.

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