Trinidad and Tobago Information & Trip Planning

Trinidad and Tobago is a state on the islands located near the the coast of South America. The country's climate is hot and humid. The average temperature is + 25-27 C, and it does not depend on the season. The trip to the country will be interesting for those who are ready to visit mud volcanoes and for those who love tropical rainforests climate. Colonies of the smallest birds in the world - hummingbirds live there. There you will not find any historical places to visit. It will be a "pure" rest - just nature around you, and nothing more.

The main attraction of tourists is Maracas Bay - the gorgeous beach area. The lovers of mountain walks will enjoy the North Range Ridge with its waterfalls.Tourists traveling along the northern coast of the state can visit Galera Point lighthouse. The guests of the southern part of Trinidad can take a dip in the Pitch Lake. There is an old sugar factory Richmond Great House where you can take an excursion.

Rich cultures on the islands affected their outlook. Most places resemble huge museums.Amazing Whitehall - a snow-white building with Moorish flair and a fantastic Stollmeyer Castle is a copy of the Bavarian castle. National Museum and Art Gallery are also placed on the island.

To plunge into the city life of the island go straightly to its major cities. Port-of-Spain is a city where the Christian,the Islamic,and the Hindu live. Chaguanas and San Fernando are rich in local flavour, with bars, restaurants and clubs. There are many picturesque villages on the islands as well.

Trinidad and Tobago map

Popural cities in Trinidad and Tobago