Tonga Information & Trip Planning

Kingdom of Tonga features 172 islands in the South Pacific. Mild climate and good beaches with white sand are good for rest there. Tourists come there mostly from Australia and New Zealand, but the guests from the other continents start to value Tongan activities. At any time you can descend into the underwater caves, canoeing, surfing or scuba diving. Diving and surfing schools on the islands will help you to rest.

Tonga Islands are far from the mainland, so nature there is untouched by man. Tropical forests and their inhabitants flying foxes, exotic birds and several species of reptiles return you into a fantastic fairy tale.

Tongatapu Island is the largest one in the archipelago. This place has nice beaches. Tongatapu has the largest diving school. Vava'u Islands are less explored, but the most beautiful scenery and perfect conditions for scuba diving are exactly there. The country's capital Nuku'alofa is a home for 24,000 people. The city is very clean, tidy and tiny.

Tonga National Cultural Centre in Nuku'alofa is the main country museum. It contains historical artifacts and crafts of local residents: stone products, wool and wood, which can be bought as souvenirs.

Locals are friendly and support the ancient traditions. Tonga was under British protectorate, but retained its independence, so today almost everybody on the islands will understand your English. Tonga hotels are not luxury, but pretty comfortable for a good rest.

Tonga map

Popural cities in Tonga