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The majority of local people call of calls Thailand - the " Land of Smiles", although its correct name is the "Land of Freedom". The numerous attempts to colonize this country failed. Today Thailand is the popular land where millions come to find something special. Bangkok, the huge megalopolis which combines contemporary buildings and unique Buddhist temples meets millions of guests from all continents. Although the best season to rest here is winter, planes with tourists land in Thailand capital airport every day. The city which itself is the home for ober 14 million of people welcomes a huge amount or tourists.

Bangkok, in addition to high left-hand traffic will attract you with the temples and palaces. Royal Palace, the Temple of the Emerald Buddha seating on a golden platter, a huge complex of Wat Po and many other temples are the most popular ones. Visit the largest in the world Buddha (127 m) - Phra Pathom Chedi and the ancient capital of Siam.

Thailand offers its guests the excitement of all sorts. From the traditional rest on the sandy beaches and a tour over the holy places connected with the name of Buddah to propositions of the more intimate rest - just choose what you like. Thai massage is the most innocent thing which anyone can try. Transsexuals in the country offer their services to all gentlemen they see. Do not mix such a "beauty" with a real Thai girls which also work in the streets.

Pattaya is quiet during the day, but at night it turns into a festive land offering all kinds of rest - starting from innocent trans-show, Tiffany and Alcazar. As it is not "profitable" to be a boy in the country ( high level of unemployment) plastic surgery helps to give "new made" girls finding the better jobs. That is why the amount of "ladyboys" in the place is so great.

Returning to the ordinary day quiet life, it is interesting to wander in a tropical garden Nong Nooch among Buddhist temples, visit the Elephant village, Tiger Zoo and a crocodile farm. Pattaya Beach also offers masses of water attractions and nice shopping. Tourists can go to swim in crystal waters of the coral island of Koh Lan: ferries run there every hour.

Quiet and respectable people go to Phuket - a large island near the coast of the Indian Ocean. Phuket is known for its stunning white sand beaches. Here you can also visit Khao Lak and FantaSee Parks, Pearl and Snake Farms, Aquarium and Butterfly Garden. People who love extreme will be interested in rafting in Phang Nga or diving.

Samui - is the third most popular holiday destination, which is is located in the Gulf of Thailand. Its main advantage - the gorgeous snow white sandy beaches with traditional bamboo huts. You can also select Lamai beach SPA resorts and the deep sea, convenient for surfing. South of the island is not very suitable for swimming, but very picturesque.

During a Thailand tour each one will find for himself the rest he waited to get and will return home with good mood and rthe best impressions.

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