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Mysterious Tajikistan - a small fragment of the mankind history, a part of the Silk Road, and just a fantastically beautiful place is a real touristic pearl. Tajikistan is nice for a relaxing holiday, and a traveller seeking for old, untouched by human hand places will also find them there.

Tajikistan state territory is the smallest in Middle Asia. Pamir Mountains take 93% of Tajikistan. There are many mountain lakes, the largest of which are the Karakul Lake Sarez and Iskanderkul and parks in the country. The best time to visit Tajikistan is in March - April. Spring climate is mild and pleasant to travel around the country, and Pamir hillsides bloom with hundreds of shades.

Tajikistan has all conditions for cultural, relaxing and extreme tourism. The country is known for its rich history and the past. Old cities there are the monuments of ancient architecture and art, and monasteries, mosques, minarets, sculpture, libraries are unique. Kurgan-Tube, Pendzhiken, Khorog Hissar Ura-Tube, Khujand are very popular. Childuhtaron Valley, is the most mysterious and ancient place of the country.

The mountains of Tajikistan are known for their rock art - petroglyphs. Some of these petroglyphs were made thousands of years ago. The village of Ishkashim and Vybist Dara are the places where you can see these unique drawings on the mountains.

Tajikistan is the land for climber - Pamir mountains with its Communism Peak (7495 m) attracts lovers of this extreme pastime, sport and way of life. It is also popular among tourists climbing and trekking. Tajikistan is full of unique natural wonders. The famous mountain lake Karakul, Lake Sarez, formed as the result of the earthquake, and Ramit Reserve and the Tajik National Park impress with their beauty and rich nature.

Most of the country visitors prefer to stay in Dushanbe, the country capital. The architecture of the city is stunning - each building shows the unique oriental flavour. Palace of the Nation, Hissar fortress, Rudaki Monument are Dushanbe "must visit" places.

Tajikistan cuisine uses much rice and meat. Over 400 variants of Pilaf (rice with meat and vegetables) form the bases of the traditional food. Milk drinks,sour milk ayran and hot green tea are the famous national drinks. Sweets are always served with tea.

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