Swaziland Information & Trip Planning

Swaziland is a small, mountainous country near South Africa and Mozambique. Despite its small size, the nature there is rich. Mlilvane Natural Park is located near the capital. It is a home for a large population of giraffes, hippos, crocodiles and 200 species of birds. Mlavula Reserve is the perfect place for a safari. There are real alpine meadows there. Recently the remains of a primitive man were found there.

Choose hiking and safaris in the national parks, where you can see wild animals. It will let you  dive into the African atmosphere. You can visit  Mbabane - the capital. Unlike the other cities in Africa, Mbabane is a very clean city. In Lomabma you can watch the building of Royal Residence.

The main cultural event of the country is the Reed Dance (Umhalanga) - the  great fiest, when the king of the country chooses a bride for himself. It happens every year - each time the bride should be picked from the dancing girls.

Swaziland National Museum is the oldest  and the largest open-air museum in South Africa. There you will learn about traditional life of the local people and about their culture.

There are not so many good hotels in this African country to choose the best one from. However the best hotels are concentrated in the city of Mbabane, the capital. Bed and Breakfast system, air conditioning, and an opportunity to play in a casino (available in all the major hotels) will be offered for the hotels' guests. You can also rent a cottage or bungalow in any national park.

Swaziland map

Popural cities in Swaziland