Sudan Information & Trip Planning

Sudan is an arabic country in the North-East Africa. The country land has an access to the Red Sea. The place where Blue and White Nile form a deep river is called Khartoum. It is the capital of Sudan.

In the capital you should visit the Palace of the Republic and the parliament building, various museums, and take an excursion to the ancient pyramids of Meroe.

The south of the country differs with its sloping terrain and hot semi-desert climate. Tropical forests and desert landscapes are mixed there. Nubian and Libyan deserts in the North has an extreme climate with almost no vegetation.

Several species of acacia, ebony, rubber trees, papyrus, baobab oil palm grow on this land. Wildlife representatives are hippos, crocodiles, leopards, giraffes, lions, monkeys, birds and snakes.

The country attracts visitors with picturesque landscapes - from deserts to rainforests full of life and mysterious shroud. A visit to Nile is a dream of any traveler. Al Mogran Memorial Park - an amusement park between Blue and White Nile lets tourists have an access to the beautiful view to Khartoum.

The Red Sea beaches with hotels are the popular places to rest in. The hotels offer excellent service and extremely low prices.

Sudanese cuisine is a mixture of French, English and Italian traditions in food. It resembles Egyptian kitchen, but with a number of features. Beans, sauces, vegetable oil, eggplant and pepper, onions and garlic with herbs and hot spices are used. The main dishes of a festive table are lamb and chicken.

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