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The style of the rest at Ski Lanka can b carachterized with one phraze: far from the noise and closer to the sea and nature. Sri Lanka is the country where no one is in a hurry; everybody enjoys the life. the majority of the places of interest at Sru Lanks are of natural relevance, as well as entertainments. Sri Lanks does not favor noisy and smoky discos, but fishing or BBQ at the beach is just the right thing to do. And obviously, this is the best place for diving.

Ancient Sri Lanka is very rich in interesting hitorical monuments.

Sri Lanka is the country with hot climate, therefore to avoid stomach infections always wash your hands before eating, as well as the fruits you get at local markets.

Be sure to use reppelents when waling in the evenings in the parks, because there are so many various insects. As Sri anka is very typical Buddist coutry, always wear devent cloth when visiting temples. It is considered to be a ba manner to stand with your back towards Budda.

Tropical climate prevaila at Sri Lanka.

The seaa coast of Sri Lanka is thousands of kilometers of wonderful beaches with soft sand, coconut palm trees, coral rifs and colorful fish. Two most famous beaches of Sri Lanka were enlisted in top-best beaches of Asia according to «Forbes» magazine.

Hotels at Sri Lanka, as a rule, are small, situated right along the sea shore. Each os has its own unique style, but all of them reflect the traditions of local culture and are in harmony with the surrounding nature landscape.

What you really must see at Sri Lanka is Royal Botanic Garden, which is the biggest in Asia situated in a few kilometers from the city of Candy.

Another curious place is Temple of Budda's tooth, for this temples, as the legend says, keeps the tooth of the very Budda that died around 540 year B.C.

Along with historical places you might be interested how the tea grows. With this purpose visit one of the biggest tea plantations in Nuwara Eliya.

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