South Sudan Information & Trip Planning

South Sudan is a very young African country. His independence from Sudan was declared recently: in 2011. Juba is the poorest capital of the world. It is a home for 400,000 people.

Rare travelers visit South Sudan, so the choice of hotels is very limited. Most hotels are concentrated in the capital, Juba. A visit to this country may be interesting for those who always seek for extreme. Beautiful houses, greenery and landscaping projects exist... only on advertising banners. The only thing that might interest the traveler is the migration of animals.

Those lovers of extreme who come there should be aware that there are no roads there in this meaning we understand it. However, the capital has taxi and motor taxi services.

Coming to South Sudan visit Ez Zeraf reserve ( it was made when this part belonged to Sudan). Take a ride to Imatuna mountains in the state of Eastern Equatoria ( the south-eastern part of South Sudan). Kinyeti Mountain - the tallest mountain with the height of 3,187 meters is the highest point of the Southern Sudan.

Badingilo National park is placed near the White Nile River. It has the area which is equal to 10,000 square kilometers.Several species of antelopes and the marsh goats live there. The park is a home for African iconic giraffe. Another large park - South National is covered with marshes and has many birds living there.

South Sudan map

Popural cities in South Sudan