South Ossetia Information & Trip Planning

South Ossetia is a small mountainous region located in South Caucasus. For the longest time, South Ossetia was closed for tourists due to the armed hostilities between Russia and Georgia on its territory. Today it is an independent region.

What to see in South Ossetia

South Ossetia is known for its lovely untouched nature. This country is rich for fresh air, crystal-clear water sources, a fine range of mountains and hills that afford amazing views. People go there to feast their eyes on natural grandeur and beauty, discover local tradition and beliefs and feel refreshment of mind and body.

Where to stay

South Ossetia is not a cosmopolitan country at all. Only a few cities there have hotels and restaurants. Traveling through this country, be ready to have dinner or stay for the night in one of the local families. People in South Ossetia, especially in villages and small towns, used to live in an unpretentious way, so the housing conditions they offer are very simple.

However, Ossetians are very hospitable and hearty; it's a point of honor for them to accord a warm welcome to the guests. They always wine and dine the visitors and entertain them with traditional Ossetian songs and dances.

What to eat

Ossetian food is simple and substantial. One of the most common dishes is Ossetian pies with chicken, pumpkin, cabbage, red beet and garlic leaves or potatoes and khachapuri – cheese pie with local soft cheese.

South Ossetia map

Popural cities in South Ossetia