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South Africa takes a large part of the south of African continent and has a unique history. Due to a great number of nations and cultures which exist on the territory the country is often called a "Rainbow Nation". White people living there is in minority, but for many years they were dominating over black which are over 80% of the country population. The time has changed the situation, and the country was freed from European colonization. Today South Africa is opened for tourists - beautiful nature reserves and national parks where you can see exotic animals, unique culture and great beaches - all this makes the journey an unforgettable adventure.

Cape Town (the capital) and Johannesburg - its largest city, are the main places to visit. One tour is not enough to see everything which this wonderland offers. Visiting Cape Town you will stand on the southern point of Africa - the city it is located near the Cape of Good Hope. Fans of water sports consider it one of the best places for surfing.

Old mansions, palaces, museums, parks - all this is placed around the city.You should go to the "Garden Route" tour - it is about 300 km from the town. You will see magnificent beaches where you can dive, Knysna Heads-- beautiful and huge rocks, visit the old town of Knysna with the legendary oyster farm, the Elephant Park, Oudtsvorn, which holds about 400 ostrich farms. Cango Zoo is inhabited with Arfican animals and rare Bengal tigers.

A trip to Hermanus will become a visit to a Whale Festival. These events have become the hallmark of the oldest settlement in South Africa. Festival takes place during autumn time. There is the place near Hermanus (the Walker Bay) where the whales swim up to give the birth to their babies in July - December.

Another " must visit' of South Africa is Sun City. The city is situated 200 km from Johannesburg. Sun City is built in volcano crater in jungle, but everything there is created by people - the rainforests, lakes, waterfalls, mountains. Casino - the most elegant in South Africa, golf courses, slot machines, bowling have local specifics. For instance a real crocodile lives on the territory for golf. The most famous entertainment in Sun City is the Valley of the Waves water park. A huge Roaring Lagoon lake is artificial - the mechanisms under water imitate real waves. Bridge of Time leads to the water park. Every hour you can see there an impressive imitation of a volcanic eruption.

Durban is the most colorful city of South Africa which attracts the richest tourists. The old town is famous for its "bazaars" ( markets) and ancient luxury buildings. Hindu temple Sri Ambalavaanar-Alai is placed there. Different religions and cultures which coexist in this city. (Durban is a major port) made this place a real paradise for shopaholics who "hunt" for exotic gifts.

A visit to South Africa is never cheap, but this land is the rare place which you need to visit at least once in your life, to remember your wonderful journey for years.

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