Somaliland Information & Trip Planning

Somaliland - the African arabic country near the Gulf of Aden is not the safest place to visit. However, neither stories about Somali pirates, nor weather conditions (it’s always too hot) stop real lovers of extreme who are ready to risk visiting this unique land. All visitors of Somaliland are recommended to hire a bodyguard directly in the airport (to avoid kidnapping).

Mogadishu is the official capital which has an airport. Earlier it was an important sea port, traiding with India, China, Sri Lanka and even Vietnam. Once it was a rich town with authentic architecture and the largest in the whole African continent Catholic cathedral. Hargeisa is the capital of the unrecognized state of Somaliland.

Mogadishu - is more or less safe area of Somaliland. The city still has some buildings of Portuguese colonial architecture. Bakaara Market is the oldest place in downtown. The ruins of the ancient Gellet Abbot city can be seen near Berbera.

Garesa Palace Museum in Mogadishu is the main local history museum. It keeps archaeological finds on the present territory of Somalia, a collection of Islamic art, decorative and applied arts. There are the National Theatre, the library and the hall of temporary exhibitions in the museum.

Italian lighthouse in Mogadishu looks very attractive, although it is old and almost destroyed. Kismayo national park is the birthplace of the African continent wildlife - lions, antelopes, zebras, and many others. Park Hargeisa has a surprising landscape.The longest coral reef which was found for today lies between the border of Kenya and Mogadishu.

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