Solomon Islands Information & Trip Planning

Solomon Islands (located in Oceania) have a 30 thousand years history. These volcanic islands, are rich in minerals and in gold.

Although the luxury hotels which offer their "civic" services are scattered today over the islands, offering to rest at their comfortable beaches and try delicious food, Solomon Islands have more exotic excitements you could see.

Guadalcanal Island is the largest piece of land. Peaks of many ancient volcanoes should be seen there.The island is covered with dense tropical vegetation cover.

Honiara (the country capital) welcomes thousands of visitors. It is the city where you can shop, and islands residents work there. Central Bank of Solomon Islands there has an original historical exhibition devoted to the local monetary system. Bundles of red feathers and cowrie shells, and the woodworks of local artists are displayed in museum.

Fisherman's Village, or Lau placed 5 km from the capital, is mostly populated by immigrants from Malaita province. You should visit its Fish market and see how locals live. The commercial heart of Honiara is Chinatown, located almost in the city center, near the bridge Matanikau.

Travelling over Solomon islands you can visit many places with unique history and amazing nature. For example, when you visit Rennell Island you will see the largest atoll in the world. The greatest attraction of the island is Tengano - the largest freshwater lake in the South Pacific region.

Solomon Islands map

Popural cities in Solomon Islands