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Slovenia geographical location is so great that a holiday all year round is possible there. The snowy Alps wait for tourists every winter, the Adriatic coast and lakes are ready to welcome the lovers of summer vacation, and hot springs offer a wide range of treatments. In addition to all this, Slovenia's rich cultural heritage and many ancient towns and villages, great cuisine and excellent conditions for modern entertainment attract there the tourists from all continents.

Slovenia has got a long and rich history, with the changes which influenced the country heritage. The last change - splitting of Yugoslavia which made Slovenia an independant country happened in 1991. Since that time the country has been working out the new tourist destinations - historical tours, mountain trips, sea rest and health tours.

Ljubljana - the capital of the country and its life centre is a medieval European city . Everybody who like excursions to the historical monuments and wants to dive into the atmosphere of antiquity will love staying in the city. Ljubljana center is the Old Town Square with the fountain of the Three Rivers placed there.

The Castle placed in the city was built several centuries ago. St. Nicholas Cathedral and the adjacent bishop's palace decorated by Italian craftsmen are interesting to the fans of architecture. There are three bridges over Over the Ljubljanica river. They are one of the symbols of the city. Staying in the capital of Slovenia visit the castle Tivoli, Governor's Palace, the Palace Gruber.

Maribor, Slovenia's second largest city, is located 135 kilometers from the capital. It has gained popularity as a ski resort. The ski center is located six kilometers from the city and it is the largest in the country. It is possible to ski there in the daytime and at night. Maribor has got more than twenty snow guns for the case if the weather is now snowy. Thereby extending the winter season at the resort to a hundred days a year became a reality. Maribor has the thermal center . There are schools there where you can learn carving, telemark, snowboarding.

Slovenian Rogaska Slatina is known as a wonderful thermal SPA resort. This resort is located in Eastern Slovenia and it offers a rich treatment and cultural program. The place helps people which suffer from heart diseases, gastrointestinal tract problems, diabetes, injuries of the musculoskeletal system. Drinking Donat Mg mineral water, the source of which is located in Rogaska Slatina, improves health and helps even completely stop taking medicines. Rogaska Slatina has outpatient clinics specializing in physiotherapy, dermatology, gynecology, dermatology and even plastic surgery.

Slovenia, despite the fact that its territory is not so big, can offer a wide range of leisure activities at any time of the year, and great service. You will meet there wonderful people, try delicious cuisine and take the pictures of the best moments of your rest there.

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