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Slovakia can offer its guests almost a complete set of leisure options assumed for tourist country in Europe. These are ski vacation, treatment and rich selection of excursions. The country has about 1,200 thermal and mineral sourses, and 22 spa resorts. It is believed that some of them are as effective as similar Swiss resorts.

Climate of Slovakia is moderate continental, with a pronounced altitudinal zonation. In autumn it often rains and winter in the mountains is often windy. The season of skiing goes on from November to March. The most comfortable interim to attend the country for treatment and expanding horizons is from May to September.

From Slovakia one can bring painted Easter eggs, figurines made of grains, ceramics, wooden statues and jars, products from sheep's wool.

Slovakia cuisine combines the features of European schools and strong national components. Especially popular are the local sheep's cheese, and a variety of complex soups of meat and vegetables are considered to be the hallmark of the local cuisine. Slovakia produces fine local wines, which occupy a worthy place among the best European sorts.

At most resorts there are traditional restaurants "Salash" and "Coliba" where you can taste national food and listen to Slovak music.

The main sights in Bratislava are Bratislava Castle, Devin castle ruins, the Cathedral of St. Martin, where the coronation of many kings took place, Primatial (Bishop's) Palace, Grassalkovich Palace with the famous Hall of Mirrors and a fountain of St. George. Also the Slovak National Gallery, the oldest Municipal Museum, Old City Hall, and Milan Dobeš Museum dedicated to winemaking. The ancient castles of Slovakia deserve special attention.

The country has nine national parks and 16 protected natural areas. Good conditions for outdoor activities and sports are established in Low Tatras National Park area, after a a day of fun and lots of impressions tourists can have a rest in the thermal baths in Bešeňová or in indoor and outdoor swimming pools in Liptovský Ján.

The most beautiful national park in Slovakia is High Tatras. Nearly two-thirds of its territory is covered with fir and spruce-fir forests, among which hundreds of lakes are hidden. There is well-developed tourism infrastructure; there are some special climatic resorts.

Otupne (Tatra) has a newly built snow park, where both beginners and experienced snowboarders will be able to find something to liking. Sports complex Mlynitsk Valley and resort Tatranska Lomnica are perfect for snowboarding.

In Slovakia there are 63 water streams suitable for water tourism. Boat trips, kayaking and canoeing are available through the local rivers. The most turbulent river of Slovakia is Bela.

In Slovakia there are about 4,000 registered caves of all kinds: rock, ice and aragonite. Twelve of them are open to visitors. Near Bratislava there are good conditions for diving - on Senetsky lakes and lake Gulashka.

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