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The unusual status of Singapore - the city-state makes this land taking the Southern part of Malay Peninsular a unique place. If you are looking at the same time for Asian life, scenic views, modern infrastructure and amazing contrasts, the journey to Singapore is exactly what you need. Singapore represents a huge city with the status of a state which is located between Malaysia and Sumatra. There are many high buildings in Singapore, as the big city takes a limited space.

Singapore is divided into territorial areas, each of them has become a real home for a separate nationality. You can visit there Indian district, China area and Arab territories. Each area is characterized by splendid monuments of architecture, designed in the traditional national state.

For example, the Masjid Abdul Gaffoor- a delightful building with dozens of miniature towers resembling a palace and Sri Tandayutapani temple are the place where Indians meditate. A great amount of Hindu temples in this place lets any tourist coming to this land know - Indians love Singapore which has become their second Motherland.

China Town is the biggest area with dragons, lions and other Chinese symbols. The two-storey houses have signs with Chinese characters, and some houses are decorated with mirrors to frighten ghosts.

The Central part of Singapore is taken by administrative buildings and business areas. Empress Place Building - a large Victorian-style house with a Museum, restaurant and Art Gallery inside attracts most of tourists. Concert Hall, the Catholic Cathedral, Armenian Church of St. Gregor, Victoria theatre, Cricket Club and St. Joseph institute are located there.The most valuable tourist attraction not only for visitors but for local there is the Fountain of Wealth. Each element of this structure has a secret meaning.

Jurong is the area of industry and economics. There is a port of Singapore there, but some attractions in Jurong have become famous.The Bird Park, for example - the huge area where you can see shows with pelicans, flamingos, hawks, a swan lake, a pavilion with a waterfall is popular with tourists who come to Singapore with children. Fish Museum and the Museum of the Air Force are also located in this area.

Singapore Discovery Centre, opened in 1996, is the unique place which astonishes everybody who come there.The Center offers to visit five rooms telling about the modern achievements of Singapore and the possible future development of mankind. A variety of exhibits, themed galleries, exhibitions and performances impresses. There are paintball and dance floor, sports and gaming simulators attractions for those who want an active rest. The Cinema with the largest in Singapore screen with three-dimensional image, impresses the visitors with its scale. The Discovery visitors can see theatrical performances devoted to various historical events.

Singapore astonishes with the number of unique places. Despite its small size, the country has a great picturesque Botanical Garden, where you can watch unique samples of tropical flora. There is a huge Ferris wheel there - the largest in the world. The Wheel rises to 165 meters, and on a clear day you may see the neighboring Malaysia and Indonesia. The city has got a large and nice Zoo. The living conditions there are close to natural. Oceanarium in Singapore is one of the best in the world. Its visitors are even offered SPA treatments. The special kind of fishes inhabiting the Aquarium help in providing these SPA procedures. For an extra charge you can swim with dolphins and even sharks.

The fans of racing can enjoy the race track used for the Formula-1. It passes directly through the city streets, but does not make traffic slow, like in Monaco. The Race is held at night with the artificial lights on.

The great amount of small islands around Singapore can be used to resting from the city fuss. Sentosa island is famous for the way how you can get there. You should use Monorail - Sentosa Express. Four minutes on this express - and you are on the island.

At last - Singapore visitors should try traditional cuisine there. It takes the second place after Japanese cuisine by its quality. Due to the healthy food the lifespan in Singapore is over 82 years. You can try everything at the numerous restaurants of the place. The variety of nationalities living in the city foresee the number of cuisines. The main thing is that whatever you choose, you can be sure that the food is fresh and has high quality.

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