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Lost in the warm Indian Ocean, the Seychelles have been associated with jungle, pirates, treasure, wealth and prosperity. When your plane lands in Victoria - the largest city and the capital of the country scattered over 115 islands, the land of fantastic pictures openes to you the same moment.

This green city, surrounded by plantations of cinnamon is penetrated with Creole culture and architecture. Restaurants, souvenir shops, stores, fruit and vegetable markets, art galleries, and the city's top attractions - the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception, the Clock Tower, the Museum of Natural History are placed there.

Victoria Fruit market sells exotic and even unknown fruit: a local guide will tell you about each one. The gift shop offeres products from coconuts, coral (allowed to export), shark jaws, shells and paintings of local artists.

Each of the Seychelles islands is specific. The largest island is Mahe. It is densely populated and very noisy, but the coast is quiet and deserted. It has around 70 beaches for all tourist tastes. Grand Anse and Beau Vallon beach is good for surfing. Anse Intendanse beach has a nudist part. Anse Royal Anse Forbans is a scuba diving paradise.

Silhouette island does not have roads, it is surrounded by coral reefs. Most of the island territory has the wild look.

La Digue island is popular for its picturesque landscape . Cape Thurso, LAS-Bay d'Argent, Petit-Ari, Grand Anse, Banana are the popular places of tourists there.

Praslin island is known for its wide sandy beaches, mountainous terrain and numerous bays.

Aldabra Atoll is included in the UNESCO heritage. It is the home of thousands of giant centenarian tortoises . To visit this place you have to get the permission of the Seychelles Protection Fund.

Fregat IslandsI can't meet over 40 people at a time. Lush gardens, green hills and deserted beaches -a special romantic mood is felt everywhere.

Aride island is the home of over a million of black terns and other tropical birds.

Wealthy tourists spend their time on the North Island. There is a heliport, beach a Honeymoon beach, boutique, library, diving center, SPA and gym on this land.

Those who plan their rest at the islands will spend their the time they will never forget. They will visit the Mont Fleuri Botanical Garden which has plants from all over the globe and giant tortoises live.

In Artisans Village you can buy unique souvenirs from coconut Coco-De-Mer. May Valley has the world's of this largest coconut - the symbol of the Seychelles. It costs at least $ 200 and to take it out from the islands you have to get a certificate with the number that matches the sticker on the coconut.

The rest at the Seychelles is never cheap, but coming there and spending the time in the paradise of the wild nature, palms, tortoises and sandy beaches you will bring home not only the honey sun tan and exotic gifts, but  the luggage fantastic impressions and photos which will never let you forgetting your fairy tale journey.

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