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It is difficult to say why the tourists should prefer Senegal to any other African country. Bright colonial houses, wide beaches and the purest ocean, these are the places you can find here; although, you can find them also in Kenya and SAR. However, Senegal is very versatile country: if you want to see the desert – visit Lompul, want to enjoy the floral greenery — welcome to Sine-Saluma delta, waiting for exotics – go to Retba lake. Moreover, here you can get acquainted with the original culture, most beautiful women in Africa, the freshest royal shrimps and astonishing friendliness of this hot civilized-wild country.

As any other country of the Black Continent Senegal is abundantly bestowed with typically African touristic attractions: impressive and versatile nature (by the number of national parks this country is a leader in West Africa), wonderful beaches, original culture and pure exotics.

Though, there are also some «zings» typical to Senegal only. Probably, the brightest zing is fantastic fishing: simple reciting of local fish-scale trophies will make the heart of every fisherman beat faster.

Senegal has an astonishing effect on anyone — simultaneous and powerful influence on all senses at once: multi-colored diversity and overwhelming unity of the flavors, sounds and «pictures» of West Africa. Here you can find any desirable scenery: from turquoise sea slick to pink waters of the unique lake; from thousands-year old baobabs and impenetrable mangrove forests to the stretching up to the horizon brown-yellowish savannas. There is also variety of scents: roasted peanuts and orchids in bloom, the ocean breeze and spices of «black» Africa. And the sounds of the real jungles…

The capital of the country is Dakar.

The main beach resorts are Saly, Cap Skirring, Petite Côte and Les Almadies. Among the most curious places of interest are numerous national parks of Senegal.

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