Saint Vincent and the Grenadines Information & Trip Planning

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines  islands have become an elite place in the Caribbean Sea to rest and relax. The islanders work mostly in the service sector, in the public service, they are engaged in fishing or agriculture. The country is very safe. Kingstown - the capital - is placed at Saint Vincent island. This is the main tourist center which is full of life and entertainments that will fit any taste. The city has some buildings of colonial style , but there are no masterpieces of colonial architecture there.

It is a beautiful country for lovers of relaxation close to nature. Fans of clubs and discos here may feel uncomfortable: the infrastructure of the country is focused on  married couples with children and pensioners.

Top entertainments there are sailing, diving, tennis, golf and fishing. Women will be interested in upscale SPA centers. Beautiful beaches are very clean. Saint Vincent , Kanukan and Bequia islands are the places that offer the best beaches, restaurants and cafes. 

The country is focused on luxury tourism. The well-developed infrastructure, beautiful nature and a great environment replaced there  historical attractions. Active volcano La Soufriere is the perfect place to explore the local nature. Climbing to the top of  La Soufriere you will see a fantastically beautiful picture - the islands in azure sea and rich vegetation of the land.

The main  transport there are  cars, electric cars or motorbikes. Ferries are scheduled to go between the islands. There you can rent a car - just do not forget your international driving license and a credit card at home.

Saint Vincent and the Grenadines map

Popural cities in Saint Vincent and the Grenadines