Saint Lucia Information & Trip Planning

Saint Lucia is a tiny country which is placed on the Caribbees (Lesser Antilles) between Barbados and Martinique. The waters of Caribbean Sea and Atlantic Ocean wash this land which has become the place where many tourists come to rest today. Almost all popular there attractions are associated with the sea and ocean. Besides the excitements of water fun and the lazy rest on the beach there are tours to the mountains (old volcanoes) and tropical picturesque forests. You can rest on the island all year round. December - May is the dry season which is the best time for tourists.

St. Lucia has an international airport, where many well-known air companies - British Airways, American Airlines, Delta, Virgin Atlantic, Condor and other fly to.

You will land in a real paradise which will hide you from the fuss of the life on the continent. Such a fantastic landscape which you will meet during your winter holidays in St. Lucia, can't be found nowhere else on Earth. Warm sea, palm trees, beaches, boat, diving, fishing in the ocean ... In general, all the charm of a tropical paradise of relaxation will help you to spend the time free of worries and gloomy thoughts.

Saint Lucia map

Popural cities in Saint Lucia