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Rwanda - a small country in East Africa that has no outlet to the ocean used to be Germany colony and then ( for longer time) - a mandated territory of Belgium. Thus Rwanda people understand and speak French well.

Rwanda a hilly plateau with some elevations of 1500-2000 m. The highest volcano Karisimbi - 4507 m - located between Rwanda and Zaire.The Lake Kivu - the most beautiful of the African Great Lakes is also placed there. The lake it is completely free from crocodiles and dangerous microorganisms and parasites. Rwanda has got many rivers and lakes besides Kivu. The country climate is equatorial, but the temperature of the warmest period (September-October) does not exceed 21° C.

Rwanda is an agricultural country. The most typical kind of arts and crafts is weaving from papyrus or palm fiber raffia. Unique hand-made mats, screens, baskets, decorated with ornaments can be bought on the markets of Kigali - capital of Rwanda.

Although the country had an awful experience - the war in 1994-1995, it has survived, and many tourists visit this poor, but hospitable African land. During the tour to Rwanda you can visit Akagera - the national park, located close to Tanzania. It is a great place for those who love to watch the wildlife. Akagera is covered with a maze of lakes and marshes. It is the African savannah,with green fields ,forests and the river Akagera.

Nyungve Park in the north-eastern Rwanda is the National Park of the country. It became the largest protected area of ​​mountain forests in Central and East Africa. The Park nature is unique.The Great African Rift with a chain of active and extinct volcanoes is placed there. Rare monkeys and tropical birds, reptiles and amphibians live in the evergreen forests of the park. The largest freshwater lake Kivu, the most picturesque of the Great Lakes region of Africa, is also located there.

Shopping in Rwanda is the same exotic as the life in this country. Nyabugogo local market is an important place where you should buy the necessary clothes for the season for safari tours, fruits, vegetables and whatnot. Kimironko market is the main "shopping center" of Rwanda. Perhaps this is the most important place after parks to visit in Kigali. Kimironko market is the African "bazaar", where you can buy almost everything. Papaya, mango, passion fruit, lemonsare very cheap there. Flowers, clothing and household items are offered as well. Visiting Rwanda markets do not forget to buy there African souvenirs to bring them home.

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