Republic of the Congo Information & Trip Planning

Republic of the Congo is the country in Central Africa with the city of Brazzaville as its capital. Brazzaville combines ancient and modern architecture, the national colors and the European style. The other big city of the Congo is Loubomo - the commercial center of the country.

The main attraction of this African country is its amazing nature. Those tourists who visit Congo Rapids and Lufalakari waterfalls are impressed by the power and beauty of these nature treasures. Livingstone Falls has 32 water flows. Coming to Pointe-Noire tourists visit the church of Notre Dame, the market and the Zoo. The most striking sight of this land is the river Zaire.

Annual festivals, concerts, art exhibitions, festivities attract tourists from all continents. Kinshasa Theater Festival lasts for a week. The festival of traditional art is held in July in the province of Bandundu. August is the time for the traditional festival dedicated to the art of agriculture. Viewers can see bright dances and listen to traditional music during this event.

Resort areas of this land offer healthy rest. The City of Pointe-Noire attracts its guests with fantastic landscapes. Wild jungles and mountains, snow white peaks, ski resort, SPA resorts - these activities will make your rest really excellent. The city has a water park, clubs and discos. At night you can choose a good restaurant with the dishes of traditional African cuisine.

Congo provides all its guests with hotels of different classes. The most famous one is "Kongo Hotel", which is located in the capital. "Kongo Hotel" has four restaurants and a sauna. Theatrical events are held there every week.

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