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Qatar is located in southwest Asia. This Islamic country is washed by the waters of the Arabian Gulf from three sides. The temperature in Qatar often rises to 50°C, thus the best time to visit this land is the period from May to December. Although the land of Qatar is poor watered, there is much oil there.

Visiting the City Shopping Center in Doha (Qatar capital) you will understand that this land is a home of wealthy people. The centre was opened for shopping and entertainment. Carrefour hypermarket, Aldo, Giordano, Nine West boutiques, the most famous jewelry houses and stores... They say that the only store you will not find there is the book store. However, there are no book stores in Qatar at all. Your children will spend time in the play area and there is a year-round ice rink in the Centre as well. The cinema complex has 14 halls!

There is another place which is a real pride in Qatar - Villagio Mall, a piece of Italy in the Arab country. Its interiors amaze even the experienced travelers. In Villagio Mall you will meet a real miracle - high blue sky with light clouds in Italy, two-storey villas with balconies and colorful facades, where the most famous boutiques work.

The artificial channel amazes visitors with its magnificence.There you will meet a real gondola - a ride on these typical Venetian boats here is one of the most popular attractions. The best jewelry, expensive clothing, elegant furniture - in Villaggio you will find everything. Another "must see" of Villagio is the Olympic-size ice rink. It is opened to all comers, and once a year it becomes the scene of a field hockey competition, called "Cup of the Desert". 4D Cinema will allow viewers to feel the vibration of explosions on the screen and the other incredible effects.

Those who are interested in the history of the country and Arabic World will love a visit to unique Sheikh Feisal Museum- it's a great private collection, which can be divided into four main areas: Islamic art, heritage of Qatar, science and technology, coins and banknotes.

Qatar is the kingdom of shopping, and you will return home from this Arabic tour with the bags filled with unique souvenirs and exclusive things. The main thing you have to remember before you plan your trip to Qatar - you will be refused in coming to the country if your passport contains a stamp of Israel. However, the skilled tourists know this rule and order an extra passport or ask the Israel side (when visiting the country) not to stamp their documents - if it is possible.

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