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Over 7,100 islands with picturesque nature which are located in the western part of Pacific Ocean are called Philippines. Manila- the capital of this islands country is placed on the largest northern Luzon island. Due to the specific georgraphical position and the history of the land which was under Spanish colonization and British occupation Philippines people speak over 19 languages. Officially Filipino and English are the state languages, and Spanish and Arabic are optional. Although the country is far from the continent is has been remaining one of the most visited places in Asia.

A visit to this country can be turned to an unforgettable trip over the islands. Pacific Ocean stretches around Philippine islands,so to move from island to island becomes possible only by water or by air. Therefore, every Filipino has a boat - a trimaran which he is ready to offer as a transport to any tourist. Trimarans are different: quite simply, made from tree trunks or improved, with a roof to protect passengers from the sun. The second type of these boats is also equipped with engines. Trimarans in Philippines is the same stuff as cars on the continent. The same variety, different price for these water vehicles, the speed and performance.

If a boat trip from island to island is not an expensive fun , and a smart tourist can talk a local to make a "good discount" for this service, an island seaplane is something different. You can watch the life of islands, and the ocean from the Bird's-eye view.This adventure will be remembered for years. If your budget is not very tough, use both amusements - experience the boat trips and the seaplane flight.Those who dislike extreme, can use ferry to move from one island to another one. It is the most expensive form of water crossings, but the most reliable and comfortable. Prices depend on the class of travel and the shipping company.

The tour to Philippines islands refers to extreme tourism. The small village of Donsol, located in the south-eastern part of the island of Luzon deals with a real shark business. The tourists are offered to swim close to these huge creatures. Whale shark are safe, but still this is an extreme leisure. Those who are waiting to meet exotic tribes in the forests of the country will be not disappointed - these yours are also available.

Philippines is also a mountainous region. In fact, all the islands of the area have a volcanic origin, and 18 volcanoes are still active. Mount Pinatubo, Mayon and Taal Volcano which are located in the northern part of the island of Luzon are the most famous ones. Mount Mayon - this is the most active volcano in Philippines. Mayon is a typical stratovolcano with steep slopes, formed from layers of lava, ash and other volcanic materials. This fact can't stop a real extreme, and Filipinos use it, offering tourists to climb Mount Mayon. The journey is fantastic, but it is not a very easy one and requires a tourist should be in a really good physical form.

The "civilized" rest in the country suggests visiting National Museum of the Philippines. There you can see the works of famous artists and sculptors of the country, see archaeological artifacts from Stone Age, and even watch scientific and educational programs on Space and celestial bodies. Such diverse excursions are possible as the National Museum of the Philippines includes several institutions -Art Gallery, Natural History Museum and Planetarium. The night life of the country will offer you thosands of clubs and restaurants to visit.

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