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The land of Peru - the country located in South America is full of mysteries and its history keeps the incredible legends. The country has got a great cultural heritage from ancient incas. The Andes mountains which are stretched parallel to the Pacific ocean, "cut" the country into three areas - the coast, highlands and jungle.

Peru people still believe in past, and the Past rules their life. 16 century was Inca civilization heyday. The Inca Empire had the territory over 3,700 km. However scientists found the proof Inca founded their country in 12 century. That time such cities as the mystical Machu Piccu, Cuzco. Pisac and Ollantaytambo are close, at The Sacred Valley. Cuzco was the "capital" where the Emperor lived. Today this city is placed on the height of 3,500 m. The the remains of ancient temples make up the house foundations today. Ancient Inca ruins now are turned into churches and hotels.

Over 400 years ago Inca built the sacred religious center - Machu Picchu. This Kingdom in the Clouds has been the main attraction to the tourists from all continents today. And time this place built at the height of 2,100 meters. Machu Picchu is hidden in the mountains and protected by them. The earquakes which happened in this land did not touch it, and when a visitor comes to this mysterious land he can see the smart architecture of ancient incas and feel spiritual enlightenment. Most of constructions build in Machu Picchu served for religious purposes. Incas believed in Gods of Sun, Moon, Earth. There are stones which served as worship places. Incas gave the mountain slopes shapes of sacred animals. If you look at Machu Picchu from afar you can see its shape resembles alligator.

Peru is a country with gorgeous nature and mysterious history. Each place of the land there is unique. But Colca Canyon is stunning. To get there to watch the glory of stone luxury you should visit the old city Arequipa. Three volcanoes surround Arequipa adding a gorgeous beauty to this place.

Coming to the border with Bolivia you will see the legendary Lake Titicaca. Although it is placed in the mountains navigation there is available. As the lake is placed high, the water there is never warmer than +10 -11C. The ruins of some ancient structures which are are located near the lake is an enigma, the same is like salted water in the lake. There are scientific hypotheses, but they do not provide even a very small part of the correct answers for the questions which occur to everybody who comes to Peru.

Peru is mostly interested as the country which saved the ancient places which mean so much to the country itself, to South America and even to the whole world. However, tourists today would love to rest comfortably after visiting these places. Lima, Peru capital, has got the hotels to meet there guests of all kinds - from luxurious buildings to modest motels.

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