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For those who want to know what it is - a real South America, untouched by tourism - Paraguay - a tiny forgotten country -  will be the greatest choice. Although Paraguay can't brag with the amount of excitements, like its neighbors offer, the country is characterized by its unique and original tourist attractions. Of course, the leader among the unique places is Iguazu Falls, which is partly located in Paraguay, as well as in Argentina and Brazil. It is a huge cascade of 275 waterfalls 70 m height. The largest and most impressive of these is the famous "Devil's Throat" - the waterfall width is about 300 meters. Since ancient times, Iguazu impressed people with iys incredible strength. Many legends are connected with this place.

Asuncion - Paraguay capital and its biggest city has kept the atmosphere of the XIXth century. In the city you can visit  the Cathedral of the XIX century, different museums and Asuncion's oldest building - the House of Independence. The town has a Botanical Garden. It is worth visiting the Museo del Barro, which demonstrates the collection of contemporary art. The Museum of Fine Arts stores the artistic legacy of Paraguay. There you can admire the impressive collection of sculptures and paintings of Paraguayan and foreign artists.

To see the sights outside of Asuncion, take a our to Central Circuit. During the journey you will see the church of San Lorenzo, the ruins of Spanish colonial buildings and even universities.

Visiting Paraguay, Explore Ciudad del Este. Located 300 kilometers to the east from Asuncion, this small town has delightful Saltos del Monday Falls. Another major attraction is the Itaipu hydroelectric plant. This huge reservoir has become a popular recreational center where you can admire a variety of birds. Vacationers can enjoy water sports, fishing, swimming, hiking and biking. The wild landscape offers to enjoy nature in Paraguay, without going too far into the jungle.

Almost all of the major national parks  including Cerro Cora, Enciso, Tifunque Defensores del Chacoare located in Gran Chaco area. This land is popular with nature lovers, because there are such biological reserves as Tati Yupi, Limoy and Itabo. Birds lovers will enjoy Nacunday and Mbaracayu forests, which have become home for many exotic birds.

Paraguay cuisine is a bright cocktail of old Indian traditions and European standards of taste. The the most common drink of the country is "mate" . It is a herbal tea from the plant "yerba mate". Local alcohol is called "chacha"- it is based on honey and sugar cane juice. 

A visit to Paraguay will be the best way for you to rest if you are looking for the life far from its modern form, want to spend time in unique places, listen to old legends and bring home beautiful souvenirs, rugs and hand-made things which are extremely cheap there.

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