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Palestine is the ancient land with the richest history. Today it is the Autonomy in Israel. Palestine people speak Arabic and believe in Allah and the Prophet Muhammad, but this land witnessed the times of Jesus Christ.

Coming to Palestine, tourists mostly visit Bethlehem. It is the place where each stone is History. The depicting St. George, sitting on a horse and killing the snake with a spear is located there. According to the legend, Saint George protects the city.

Manger Square with the Church of Nativity is a cult place for Christians - all year round you can meet people there. On Christmas Eve a traditional Christmas tree is set there. During religious holidays the Square is always crowded. Therefore, to explore the area the best way is to visit this place on a usual day.

Gate of Humility is the main entrance to the Church of Nativity in Bethlehem. Initially there were three entrances there, but later the two doors were closed and only one narrow entrance with a low arch was left.Earlier the gates were taller and wider. However, not to let the horses come to the church the height and width of the gates were significantly reduced. Today the door height is 1 meter 20 centimeters, and the width of 80 centimeters.

The Star of Bethlehem is located in a rocky cave in the Church of Nativity. As legends says Jesus Christ was born there. The star was once gilded and richly decorated with precious stones. 16 micircle hanging lamps hang over the Star, and behind them - the old Orthodox icons are placed. Exclusively Orthodox can perform a liturgy there.

Bethlehem icon of the Mother of God is one of the miraculous images. It is respected and honored by Christians, Muslims, pilgrims from all countries. The holy Image of the Blessed Virgin Mary is displayed there smiling, which is never met on the other icons. Bethlehem icon of the Mother of God sends blessings of all those who pray before the image. Today all believers try to get to this miraculous icon to get the blessing and to be healed from serious illnesses.

Visiting Bethlehem, Palestine come to the Gift Shop located there. Pectoral crosses, orthodox icons, incense, various candles can be bought there. The most popular tourists icons are "The Mother of God of Bethlehem",- a female icon, an icon of men "Tree of Life" and the icon "Holy Family." From Palestine you will take home not souvenirs only, but the unique impressions of your staying there.

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