North Korea Information & Trip Planning

A tour to North Korea can be curious to those who want to plunge into the socialist past, or just to experience the thrill of visiting the demilitarized zone and the Diamond Mountains (Kumgang). A fascinating journey to the country of a socialism ideology with Korean characteristics, which significantly differs from all known forms of Marxism-Leninism is waiting for you.

You will see the central museums, exhibition halls, exemplary schools, cultural centers and grand monuments of North Korea. You can see how amazing the Korean nature is, but be ready that you will be told everywhere about  the benefits of the socialist way of life and central economic planning. Try to relax and enjoy the "Time Machine" tour.

Forget about most of devices you usually use in your country. Printed books, cell phones, radios, CDs, tapes, are banned there. The camera will be examed at customs. To take any photo in North Korea may become a real problem, but look at the situation differently. It might be like a spy fun. Taking pictures is not prohibited. But you may capture only the stuff which is allowed by your Korean guide. You should also show him the pictures you have already taken.

Tourists are not allowed to walk alone. Everyone needs a guide. You can't go outside the hotel territory, but you can take a free bike to ride around it. Be ready you will be watched everywhere, but take it easy. Coming home you will stop complaining for your temporary difficulties for a long time...probably forever.

North Korea map

Popural cities in North Korea