Niue Information & Trip Planning

Niue is one of the smallest island countries in the world. It is located in the midst of South Pacific Ocean. Niue is a resort zone unrivalled for its situation and tropical climate.

Things to do and places to visit in Niue

The capital of Niue is called Alofi; it is a very small and humble town with the population of 650 people. The only bank, post office and hospital in the country are located in Alofi. The most popular sightseeing of the capital is the stunningly beautiful Alofi Bay.

Niue is world's biggest raised coral atoll; this tropical island is an ideal place for beach recreation, diving, caving, fishing and dolphins and whales interacting. The nature of the island stays almost untouched over the years. Lush vegetation, exotic fauna, clean water and white sand imparadises Niue. In this compact world, there are no harmful insects or animals. People in Niue are hospitable; the crime rate is extremely low. Everything is made to provide the best conditions for peaceful and joyful rest.

Local specialities

The cuisine of Niue includes mainly vegetable and fish dishes. There is a wide range of exotic local vegetables (manioc, yams, taros, cassavas) and fruits (papayas, breadfruits, coconuts, special sort of bananas) available.

Fish (tuna, parrot fish, barracuda, dolphinfish) is served raw, roasted, grilled, fried and stewed. Seafood, mostly crabs and crayfish is also used intensively in local cuisine. As for the meat, aborigines prefer smoked and cured ham.

Niue map

Popural cities in Niue