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Nigeria is the large area in West Africa with over 91.5 million people living there. Until 1960 Nigeria was a British colony so today, when it is an independant republic everybody understands English. The climate almost on the whole territory of Nigeria is equatorial. The average temperature everywhere exceeds 25 ° C. The River Niger divides the country into two parts. Nigeria - a country of forests and savannas. Once the tropical rainforests occupied the major part of its territory, but cutting and burning them reduced their area. Now tropical forests with braided vines can be found only on coastal plain and in river valleys. In the north of the forest zone where precipitation is less (up to 1600 mm), common deciduous tropical dry forest. In the season of rains the high grass can hide not only man, but also a beast. The Lake Chad picture looks as a kingdom of lush greenery, reeds and papyrus.

The wildlife of Nigeria is perfectly presented in parks and reserves (including the reserve Yankari, Bauchi plateau). Elephants, giraffes, rhinos, leopards, hyenas, numerous antelope (including forest royal antelope dik-dik, weighing less than 3 kg), large herds of buffalo, a scaly anteater, chimpanzees , gorillas, , baboons, lemurs - here are only the most famous animals met in Nigeria. The bright and rich world of birds in the forests, savannas and along rivers looks stunning.

There are over 200 different nationalities who speak different languages in Nigeria. Bright clothing and unique way of life of its inhabitants, and exotic nature attract visitors to this land. Colored mats, calabashes, homespun clothes, wood and bronze handcrafted things are willingly bought by tourists.

Despite the wild nature of the country Nigeria has many large cities, although many of them resemble huge villages. The capital of Nigeria - Lagos, with over a million inhabitants, was founded by Europeans 400 years ago. It has many interesting to the country guests museums. Ibadan is the place where Yoruba people live. Excellent weavers and wood carvers, metal and woodworkers work there. Benin-City retains the ancient traditions where you can visit picturesque religious holidays. Ife is known as a center of African art. Bronze and terracotta stuff is the most interesting one. The city with the ancient history Kano has a grand mosque, the ancient palace of the Emir (residents of Kano are Muslims) and popular African "bazaar" (market).

A visit to Nigeria will be an exotic trip to the country where virgin lands live close with the largest African cities. During your journey you will buy many rare souvenirs. However, you should remember: it is forbidden to export weapons, drugs, food in large quantities, exotic plants, animals and birds. Antiques and art made of gold and precious metals will be checked at customs. You can take home animal skins, ivory and crocodile skin, but you need to get a permit.

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