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Most of the territory of the largest country in West Africa - Niger - is Sahara. Thus, Niger belongs to the countries with the hottest climate. In the hot season it is up to +50 C outside, and in the cooler month the temperature at night can drop to 0 C. However, exactly the cooler months ( November - February) are comfortable for visiting Niger.

If you speak French your tour to Niger may become even more interesting. Locals understand and speak this language, and they are always ready to share everything what they know about their Motherland with visitors. However, the plates on the historical objects contain English notes as well.

Niamey (the capital) has many contemporary buildings. But despite its modern texture, the city still has an African flavor and charm. The "Big Market" of Niamey offers skins, jewelry, silverware, clothing, handicrafts, batik, blankets and capes. Grand Mosque is open both for men and for women.The National Museum of Niger features artistic hand-craft works of local tribes. There is a possibility to buy any work of local artists, especially jewelry or silverware there.

Agadez is one of those strange cities, which always keep the touch of history. In the Middle Ages it was flourishing with caravans of camels, markets, gold and slave traders. Very beautiful spot Great Mosque, fully restored in 1844, with similar pyramid minarets and wooden scaffolding is a perfect example of Sudanese architecture. In Agadez you can wander along the curved ancient streets, tiny shops, study the ancient buildings, visit the "Camel Market" and take photos of the unique sights.

Zinder - the former Niger's capital, located between Agadez and Kano, is divided into two areas: Zeng quarter with a large number of old buildings and picturesque Birni with its narrow streets, small houses and tiny gardens. The east part (closer to Bilma), is a unique "Dinosaur graveyard" full of fossils scattered for 150 kilometers . Do not forget visiting Jado plateau with its ruined villages, petroglyphs of the Neolithic and the magnificent scenery, and oases plateau Kauar that locals call the "edge of the Earth". Air Mountains - the kingdom of the nomadic Tuareg is a spectacular natural attraction in West Africa .

Returning to a hotel after your trips around the country you may feel hungry. National cuisine of Niger is based on the traditional for all Africa ingredients - cereals, legumes, vegetables, fruits, spices, fish and seafood.

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