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Namibia is pure African exotic, many sunny days a year, rich flora and fauna, curious «moonscapes», wide selection of quality hotels and lodges, in other words perfect conditions for active rest. All this makes Namibia a popular touristic destination.

The capital of Namibia is Windhoek; popular touristic centers are Namib desert, Skeleton Coast and national parks.

The climate here is dry, typical for semi deserts with regular draughts. It is warm or even hot during the day, and cool at night.

The country is famous for its exotic cuisine. Along with veal and beef meat, you can dishes of antelope, crocodile, ostrich, zebra and other game.

Namibian people are very keen on local beer and every October they celebrate their own Octoberfest.

There are some places your should visit in Namibia.

Damaraland is a desolate beautiful location in the South-West from Otjiwarongo. Local «must see» for tourists: cave paintings (4-2 thousand years B.C.), erosion forms Vingerklip Lodge, «Rock Forest» (national park where you can see the trees fossilized 300 mil years ago), cliffs White-Lady laced by the ancient petroglyphs. Spitzkoppe mountains (1728 m) and peak Pondox (1692 m) are perfect for mountain climbing.

Lüderitz is a small port with numerous interesting historical buildings in German style built during the diamond fever. Today this is the largest center of Omar fishing and oyster culture. In the city surroundings you can also visit the deserted cities and diamond mines, as well as famous «ghost city» Kolmannskuppe.

Fish River Canyon is the second largest canyon in the world after Colorado one.

Grootfontein is a small town in the North of the country, founded by German settlers in the end of the XIX century. The main place of interest in the place where the largest meteorite Hoba fell.

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Popural cities in Namibia