Nagorno-Karabakh Information & Trip Planning

Situated in the South Caucasus area and covering the Lesser Caucasus mountains south eastern range, Nagorno-Karabakh or otherwise called Artsakh is a landlocked region. Its quite modest area of 8223 square kms is entirely covered with mountains and forests. Particularly the rich nature of Karabakh makes this small country a great demand in the worldwide tourism market. The nature of this region is awesome! The stunning beauty of ancient monasteries and fortresses situated within tough forests and hot spring waters creates an amazing scenery one will never be able to forget! Among the most interesting and breathtaking natural tourism sights are the Huton Canyon, Mamrot Kar waterfall, Huton bridge, Avana Karan cave, Katarot, Aleksana Ghuze cave, Pyly Pughi Memorial Stone.

The entire Huton Canyon possesses such an outstanding beauty that leaves all visitors in awe! The 250 meter canyon walls that soar above the Karkar river create a most breathtaking nature scenery! Hot springs that meet in several spaces within forests are healing and curing.

Anyway, all the adventurous tours in Nagorno-Karabakh forests and mountains become complete only when you attend the most ancient Christian churches, fortresses and monasteries in the world. Among them it worthy visiting the Gandzasar Monastery, Dadivank Monastery, Amaras monastery, Shushi City Walls, Askeran Fortress, Tzitzernavank Monastery, Gtichavank Monastery. Each of these Monasteries makes you feel closer to God as they all are situated on mountains closer to the sky and above the rich green forests. That is why pilgrimage in Nagorno-Karabakh is highly developed.

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