Montenegro Information & Trip Planning

Montenegro is a small and friendly country that is famous for budget eco tourism.

Montenegro is for not demanding tourists, for people who prefers the nature to comfort lodgings.this is a good place for family vacations, for staying here is peaceful and calm. By the way, the prices here are quite reasonable. Every tourist will be heartily welcomed.

The capital of the country is Podgorica. Main resorts in Montenergo: Gertsengovskaya Riviera, Budvan Riviera, Ultsinskaya Riviera. Ski resorts are: Zhablyak and Kolashin.

The climate in Montenegro is moderate-continental, and Alpine in the mountains; the Adriatic coast has a Mediterranean climate. It is always cooer in the central regions in comparison with the coastal regions.

Attentive and curious tourist can find many places of interest in Montenegro. The visit card of the country is the island of Saint Stefan and Ostrog Monastery. You can see astonishing views from the Boko-Kotorskaya bay and viewing place of Kotora. Other ancient cities in Montenegro are Budva, Gertseg-Novi and others.

You should also visit Skadarsko lake, which is the biggest and cleanest on the Balkans, where pelicans and rare species of fish live.

The most famous Gertseg-Novi is one of the most famous resorts in Montenegro. The city was founded around 1600 years ago and it preserves many monuments of medieval architecture.

Due to the numerous historical monuments it is declared the monument of the world heritage of UNESKO.

Montenegro has many saints for Christians places. The most honored shrine is Ostrog Monastery, where the relics of Saint Vasiliy are kept. And Savin Monastery keeps miracle-working icon Savinskaya.

Among the nature wonders you should pay attention to the Canyon of Tara River, which is the second in the world by the length. Ice lakes with the pure water and snowed peaks can be met in the national park «Durmitor». Here is also famous Black lake.

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Popural cities in Montenegro