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Located in Central Asia, Mongolia is placed on a huge plateau. Altai Mountains and the Gobi Desert are the part of this land. Mongolian Ulan Bator, is recognized as one of the coldest capitals in the world. The country climate is very dry, buy great number of sunny days lets calling Mongolia "The country is pure blue sky"  The best time to visit the country - from May to October.

Ulan Bator is a concentration of cultural life of the country. There are churches, monuments, museums and other attractions which are regularly visited there. The Bell of Peace, Sukhbaatar mausoleum, Gandan Zhanray Sing temples are stunning. Karakoram (Har Horin) archaeological park has the greatest historical value. This place was the capital of the empire of Genghis Khan from the XIII to the XV century.Buddhist temples and deserts, waterfalls, mountains and rivers also attract tourists.

Hovsgol lake - the famous natural attraction of Mongolia is considered the deepest in Central Asia. Majestic mountains, beautiful meadows with bright colors with lots of wildlife surround the lake. It is a place which many people call the "Mongolian Switzerland". The lake and its territory differs from the rest Mongolian land so much, that it is difficult to imagine you are in the centre of the dryest land in Central Asia. 

The national Mongolian cuisine is meat ( goat meat and mutton) and milk. Boiled mutton is the most popular meal here which is combined with dairy products. Such a cuisine is explained only by the climate of the country and traditions of its people who have been nomads in the desert for a long time. Although today Mongolian people have absolutely modern life, traditions overweight contemporary innovations. Thus if you visit a usual family in Mongolia, you'd rather see on the table tea with milk and pies with meet than fast food.

Mongolia is a very hospitable country. Traditionally, if a traveller is lost his way there, he will be given food and invited to share the shelter with the homeowner.

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