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Federated States of Micronesia is known for its beautiful nature and exotic culture. Micronesia includes 67 inhabited islands of different sizes and 540 deserted islands. Peopled territory consists of four separate states. Chuuk is the most developed state. This place is especially interesting for divers, as there is Underwater WWII Museum in this state. Yap is the cradle of Micronesian traditions and rituals. In Pohnpei, you may see ancient ruins. Kosrae is less developed than other 3 states, it is a quite place rich for citrus fruits and coconuts.


The climate in Micronesia is tropical; it's hot (23-37°C) there. The rainy season lasts from the end of March till the middle of December. The water is warm all year round, its temperature waves around 75-80 degrees F.

Natural Attractions And Historical Places

Micronesia is ideal for beach recreation, sports fishing and diving. Soft white sand, tropical vegetation and beautiful aquamarine lagoons are extremely comfortable and attractive. The water visibility exceeds 170 feet, so colorful aquatic fauna and flora are clearly visible for the divers.

Avid fishers can enjoy barracuda, marlin, sailfish and tuna fishing. Tourists, who are fascinated with ancientries and history can visit Ethnic Village in Colonia, Yap state or go to Pohnpei to see Nan Madol, the place of royalty residence and ritual activities.

Food And Drink Specialties

Local Micronesian food is simple, but at the same time quite exotic for the foreigners. Regional specialities are represented with coconuts, sweet potatoes, yams and breadfruit. People eat them in raw condition or boil some of them. Fresh fish and seafood, such as clams, shrimps and crabs, are served with rice and spicy sauce. Meat course mainly includes stewed and fried pork.

As for the drinks, the most popular one is lime juice watered down and cooled. In ceremonies, the citizens often drink Sakau, also known as kava – special beverage made of hibiscus roots. Sakau has an unusual taste and mildly narcotic effect, so it is better not to degust it.

The atmosphere on the islands is warm not only because of the burning sun, but also thanks to the hospitality of natives. The travellers are always welcomed warmly in this paradisaical place.

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