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The Mauritius is a tiny island in the Indian Ocean, however, each foot of the land offers the best rest and the wonderful adventure for tourists who come to rest there.

The best time for spending time on the island is summer, and the main attraction there are luxurious sandy beaches with fine, white sand, extremely clean. Depending on the rest you prefer you may choose the following places.

Tamarin Bay is famous for its wild nature. Thanks to the waves this place has got a special recognition among surfers. Bel-Mar, a beach on the East Coast, is famous for its warm and calm lagoons. Fans of clubs and nightlife should choose Pereybere beach.

The Mauritius is the island which attracts divers: the diversity of the underwater world amazes and impresses. Here you can also visit the sea fishing. To enjoy the real island fishing - go to the village of Le Morne (on the southwestern coast). You can catch tuna fish, marlin and barracuda.

The Cape Gris-Gris is the place which always has the huge waves. Although swimming is strictly forbidden there, the beach is great for walks, picnic, relaxing and taking the photos.

The best photos can be done when you visit the village of Chamarel - a small piece of land covered with multi-colored sand stretches around it. Dunes there always retain their bright colors - red, purple, brown, yellow, blue, green, red. You should see this wonder of nature and take the unique photos of the place.

The lovers of active rest should visit Deer Island. Snow-white beaches and crystal-blue water, tropical foliage are breathtaking. Many sports centers are placed there. You can surf, ride a kayak, sea skiing, slowly swing on the waves on a comfortable catamaran.

Visit Bois Cheri tea plantations where the best tea grows. There you can taste the wonderful flavored drink and get acquainted with the production of tea - from collection to the ceremony.

The advantage of the island is its small size - about 60 km in length and 50 km - in width, which allows to get acquainted with all its attractions.

Going on a trip to Mauritius visit the Tamarin Falls and Rochester, take a photo of the statue of Shiva, towering 33 meters above the lake of Ganga Talao, relax on the beach Gunga and taste the local delicacies in the restaurants and cafes, scattered over the island.

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