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This tiny state surrounded by Mediterranean consists of several islands. The three largest ones Malta, Gozo and Comino are inherited by people. Although these three pieces of land can hardly be called large. Indeed, Malta is the only European country where there are no rivers and lakes, or its own sources of fresh water. There are no boundaries between the cities - they flow smoothly one into another. However, for many centuries, these cities were surrounded by the dramatic events.

For example, here are the world's most ancient stone sanctuary temples, which are 1000 years older than the Egyptian pyramids.

In 1529, Malta had been granted to the Order of the Hospitallers of St. John by Emperor Charles V. The knights created a strong fleet and started building of fortifications. Brave Hospitallers covered themselves with unfading glory when guided by leadership of Grand Master La Valletta defended Malta from hordes of Turkish Janissaries in 1565. Hospitallers contributed to the flourishing of Malta. Wealth and fame of the knights and their exploits have played a positive role. Thanks to them the trade had been developing, people felt safe.

Maltese capital is especially exciting for lovers of ancient architecture. The layout of the streets is also unique. They were designed so that sea breezes could penetrate even the deepest alleys, creating the effect of conditioning. The main street of the country, The Republic Street, runs through the center and cuts the city in half, ending at Fort of St. Elmo. Nowadays, the fort has been remade into a military museum.

Valletta is the city declared by UNESCO a historical monument of world importance. Therefore, one can’t do without a campaign to museums. The National Archaeological Museum in Auberge de Provence is truly worth visiting. It contains unique antiques and pieces of art dated back to the first Maltese settlers.

Each month in the ancient fortress of St. Elmo (Valletta) the military-historical action entitled In Guardia takes place.

Prestigious restaurants, discos, casinos are located in the largest fashionable city of the country - Sliema. Here, by the sea, an amusement park is located.

Cruises are the most popular kind of entertainment in Malta. A trip to the surrounding islands of Gozo and Camino, and also abroad to Sicily is available.

For tourists who are eager for entertainment, the best option is to visit Paceville, a venue of youth, with plenty of bars and clubs. A quiet evening and the sunset you can enjoy in San Julian, famous for its cozy restaurants.

Warm, transparent azure waters of the coast make an unforgettable impression. Malta if created for the enjoyment of swimming in the sea and sunbathing. Here there are rocky and sandy beaches. Most hotels have swimming pools.

The mild climate allows year-round play sports, whether it is golf, football, tennis, biking, or horseback riding. Fans of extreme sports prefer to skydive or climb low, but steep cliffs. And from May to mid-autumn visitors will find numerous water sports centers. Water-skiing, paragliding, windsurfing, sailing –they are countless.

Malta attracts deep-sea adventure lovers from all the world around. Divers appreciate the local rocky terrain coast. A rich fauna inhabits countless caves and rock rifts. And the water is so smooth and pure that you can take photos of the sea wonders at great depths.

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