Mali Information & Trip Planning

Vacations in Mali are always bright and excellent time. This is the place on the Earth where you can enjoy the beauty and originality of the Mother Nature to the fullest. Here you can find many so many pleasant emotions. This country has been attracting the pilgrims for a long time.

There are many places for the beach rest on the wonderful beaches of Mali; you will fall in love with the bottomlessness of the lakes with the ski-color water. You will enjoy the hospitality of native people and try the best ever dishes of national cuisine.

The price for the tour to Mali depends on the level of the hotel you choose.

The nature is awesome there. It is perfect place for those who likes extreme and active rest, contemplating the life of animals in life. You can spend time fishing for various types of unusual fish.

Gao is very popular city, which is a former capital of Songhai. In spite of the fact, there are only old folk houses to see and the way of native people living. The only historical monument is the tomb Askii, which is the family name of the kings dynasty. To the North of the place there is a pink dune. The sand there is reddish indeed. To the South of the city center there is a Museum with ethnographic exhibits.

Mali contains the most interesting cultural and historical pieces of African continent. Here is a legendary Timbuktu and in the center of the country there is a cliff massive Bandager, which is the motherland of mysterious dogon culture. There is also an uncountable number of the cities covered by sand.

Mali map

Popural cities in Mali