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Choosing the time where you can visit the Maldives - the islands country in the Indian Ocean, forget about seasons. The Maldives is the land where the climate is hot and humid always - it does not depend on a winter or summer time. There are many different places in the world which attract tourists with images of palm trees, clear water, white sand and blue sky. The Maldives is a paradise which offers you all this every day. Here you will forget about winter if you come to the islands in January and feel how bright the summer can be when visiting this wonderland in July.

The main airport runway was extended specifically for large airplanes landing. The landing here itself is an adventure for those travelers who are accustomed to a large land surface. Flying over the fishing boats and numerous small islands, it will be surprising to see the ground in several seconds before landing. From the airport you can take a water taxi, domestic flights or to get to your hotel in a private boat. This small country reminds its visitors the history of life on a desert island. The tropical paradise here is real. Many islands are surrounded by beautiful coral reefs that form shallow lagoons with crystal clear blue water.

The Maldives is the perfect destination for those who prefer diving: the wealth of marine life and beautiful coral reefs will let you completely forgetting about the life on the surface.Surfing is also popular there, but you must first consult with the local tour operators who are familiar with the specifics of the local waves. They will advise you where to surf better. The best waves you can find here from March to October, and the highest of them can be tested in the summer months.

The Maldives is not the place for a cheap rest, however you can find there less pricey 3 stars hotels. Meanwhile, it is recommended to check always the hotel's reviews before you book a room there. The best recommended hotels for the tourists who are ready to pay for the best rest are known in the world. They are Angsana Resort & Spa Maldives Ihuru which has 45 villas with private beaches, suitable for diving, surfing - it specializes in SPA treatments. Maldives One & Only Reethi Rah - the best hotel in the country - is a quiet island lagoon with floating rooms, a restaurant, a number of entertainment, the unique architecture and water fun. Dhoni Island Resort hotel is located in the Indian Ocean. It consists of 6 bungalows, each of which has a private beach and a 20-meter boat with air conditioning, a restaurant and other facilities. Two hotel rooms have a private pool with fresh water.

The main rule in the Maldives is "No stress, no hurry". To get used to this rhythm of life is not easy, but after a couple of days, walking barefoot on the sand and enjoying the beauty of the sea and the sunshine you will feel, how your thoughts changed .The unofficial motto of the Maldives is a phrase: "No shoes, no news". It means here you will rest and only rest, nothing more.

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