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Malaysia still remains the piece of virginal nature, carefully keeping the traditions, clean beaches and perfect service. Surprising, but it is not a fact that the rich haven’t depraved this ancient exotic country. It is fantastically rich in astonishing places of interest. Rather rich tourist, patient towards long flights, could find luxurious hotels, tasty national cuisine, excellent diving and charm of noisy the southern east markets here. Though this country is so interesting as for the night life: clubs and discos you can find only in the capital.

Capital of the country is Kuala-Lumpur, and big cities are Johor Bahru), Georgetown and Kuantan.

Tips on the customs

You cannot bring in and out Malaysian national currency in the amount more than 1000 MYR. Foreign currency and travel bills can be brought in any amounts, though in the amount not more than equal to 10 000 USD, if more you should declare it. 

The largest sea gates are situated in Port Klang on the island Penang and Landgrave.

You can easily reach the detached islands using the ferry. Contemporary ferry transport makes passages from Kuala-Perlis and Kuala-Kedakh to the touristic favorite Landgrave.

There are 4 passages by the company FerryLink in the working days and 8 passages in the weekends from Change Point in Singapore (close to the airport) to Tanjung Belungkor in tne south of Malayan peninsula, facilitating the communication with the popular beach resort Desaru on the Eastern shore of Johor state.

Malaysia is one of the safest for tourist places in the South-East Asia. Even the tap water is good for drinking, though it is better to drink boiled or bottled water. You can freely and without doubts buy the food from the street sellers, it is fresh and tasty. The level of crimes is not so high, but in public places tourists should keep an eye on the stuff.

There are no private beaches in Malaysia, therefore you should restrain from sunbathing topless. When visiting the mosques and Malaysian villages you shouldn’t wear shorts, short t-shirts and skirts. Before entering any house or temple you should take off the shoes. You cannot take the food and pass it to the aborigine, for they think this hand is for hygienic purposes only and if you give something with the left hand you offend him a lot. 

The peculiarity of the country is numerous macaques that feel themselves as full-fledged owners of the cities and streets. It is common thing that a tourist can find himself without a camera, for a crazy macaque will snap it right out of the hands. To make yourself secure from impudent macaques, you should remember a few simple rules: strongly hold all valuable things; not to get close to the monkeys with the enthusiastic itty-bitty even if they approach you themselves. Just tread your foot on the pavement and say «Get away!» in exclusive cases you can even through rocks in them.  

The climate is hot and wet, practically without any drastic changes. The coolest period is from November to January when temperature lowers +26 °C. Maximum temperature in summer reaches +33 °C, wherein it feels well due to the humid air. The coolest place in Malaysia is Kimbaloo mountains and their surroundings: the temperature is around +10 °C only. 

The rains here are strong but short and fall during the whole year long. 

The best period of year to visit is the end of November-beginning of February. Due to the hot and wet climate, it is not recommended to go there for people of older ages and for those who have any problems with the heart.

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