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Madagascar - the huge island and African country in Indian Ocean is a land of the colors riot and unique nature and wildlife which can't be found anywhere on the Earth. Madagascar is known for the great variety of ethnic groups inhabiting the island with 23 million os population. Only officially there are 18 (!) nations or as they are called - subgroups there. However, to understand each other the government has declared Malagasy and French official madagascar languages.

This is the island where baobabs grow, lemurs live in the forests, whales swim nearby. The rest there is a dream of curious, "heat-resistant" people. And no matter how great is their budget. The state combines the opportunity to visit places for wealthy visitors and a chance to see everything for tourists with a thinner wallet. For a complete wildness of nature and unique culture of Madagascar it is sometimes called the eighth continent.

Antananarivo (or just Tana) is the capital of Madagascar. You can visit there the ensemble of Ruva Ambuhimanga palaces, the Presidential palace, Izutri theater, Tsimbazaza park with its Botanic Garden. The biggest African market Zuma is a "must visit". there you will buy cheap exotic fruit and appreciate the local curiosities. However, the most interesting things are placed beyond Tana.

Mahandzaga is the city where tourists come to see the Arab Mosque, unique markets, the remains of the Ruva fortress, Mangatsa and Ravelube sacred lakes, Andzuhibe grottos, Mahafanina waterfalls. Bullfights are held For lovers of extreme sports.

Tulear looks like white, deserted and dusty town, but Ifaty and St. Augustine coves with beautiful beaches are placed there. Morondava is also a place for a hot beach holiday. You can easily visit it if you stay in any Tana hotel. Avenue of Baobabs, ride to the fishing village of Belo-sur-Mer, Kirindi forest are the best attractions of this place.

A visit to Madagascar is a cool chance to become an owner of precious stowns for cheap. Antsirabe- the city on the hilly territory differs from the other island places by its healing mild climate, nice hotels, colorful markets and numerous entertaining excursions. Locals are skilled master to cut gems . You can buy there stones and jewellery, but do not forget to request a certificate, otherwise to will have to pay fee at the exit.

Wealthy guests do not come to the capital, they go immediately to the beaches. Directly from the airport you can book a charter flight to the island of Saint Maria - the paradise of a beach holiday. A carriage drawn by local Zebu cows is a transfer from the local airport to the hotel.

The hotel looks like a group of bungalows with designer interiors. The boat trip to explore the humpback whale and communicating with them and a visit to the island with hand Ruffed Lemur are the main excitements there.

Elite menu differs from the traditional meals. Expensive hotels practice sterile preparation and use quality products. Madagascar cuisine is a mix of Mediterranean, American and Asian cooking traditions. The country is a former French colony, so the production of wine and alcohol is developed there.

The "budget" tourists should not be upset. madagascar looks poor, but it offers a rich nature and unique fun. You will not spend much but will remember this time as a King's rest.If you use local service renting a housing and eating food in cafe, you can safely live on a few dollars a day. Budget travelers can work out the plane with the following route: from Antananarivo via the Red Hills, Batsimisaraka tribe lands, Lemurs Forest you can reach the coast of the Indian Ocean. This is enough to see the sights, lemurs and enjoy swimming. Taxi is very cheap on the island.

A visit to Madagascar will be remembered as a unique fiest. You will never forget Andringitra - the national park and the mountain range in the same area, where the two highest peaks - Bobby and Bori (sometimes it snows there!) and placed . Analamazoatra Park - the world of lemurs will resemble you a cute cartoon with the same name " Madagascar". Singing Indri Indri birds live exactly there. The photos you will take in Peyreras Reserve with fantastically beautiful butterflies, insects and reptiles will remind you about the land of wonders - Madagascar.

The best recommended hotels ( price/quality) to stay in the country are Allamanda Hotel (as the budget variant) and La Note Bleue Park Hotel (for the more picky customers who want to get more comfort for extra money).

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